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So summer is here and the sun is out (for the moment). So get outside and top up your vitamin D! We also want to enjoy fabulous summer treats like ice cream. However shop bought ice cream can be full of nasties like refined sugar and chemicals. So why not make your own, it is really quick and easy. For a delicious coconut ice cream you need:

2 Cans coconut milk (stored in the fridge overnight)

Some unsweetened coconut flakes

1/4 cup pure maple syrup or raw honey (optional)

Flaked Almonds

To make:

Take your refrigerated coconut milk and scoop out the creamy layer (Refrigeration causes the cream and milk to separate so remove the watery milk - you can use the milk in smoothies or other recipes so you don't waste it)

Add your coconut flakes and maple syrup/honey to the creamy coconut and mix together.

If you have an ice cream maker then add your mix and leave for 25 minutes (or follow instructions for your machine), if you don't then blend and freeze, stirring frequently or reblend after freezing to remove ice crystals.

Toast some almond flakes (with a little maple or honey if you like) and sprinkle on top and serve!

A combo I had never thought of before, I discovered the joy of Bananas and Lime in a lovely restaurant called Morning Glory in the beautiful Hoi An, Vietnam whilst on my honeymoon. I wanted to repeat the taste, however as bananas have a high glycaemic load I decided to put a twist on it and add them into a protein smoothie to reduce the GL, but still get all the benefits of this lovely fruit. It is also a good way of increasing your protein intake and makes a great post exercise drink, with the protein for muscle repair and the high potassium content in bananas to help replace lost electrolytes, along with the electrolytes in the himalyan salt. And it tasted great, the extra magic is in the addition of the lime, delicious! Here is the recipe:

Cashew Nut milk or milk of your choice (I blended 150g cashews [soaked overnight] with 750ml water)
Pinch pink Himalayan Salt
1 scoop protein powder (I used Sun Warrior - Warrior blend in Natural flavour)
1 large ripe banana
Pinch of Cinnamon - to your taste
1 tsp maca powder (optional)
A squeeze of lime juice

Just blend everything together and serve
It was my birthday this week and my wonderful best friend made me this amazing cake from one of my favourite food blogs My New Roots. The recipe contains no refined sugar and lots of nutrient packed foods, certainly far healthier than your average shop bought, sugar laden cake. And without a doubt it was THE best tasting cake I have EVER eaten (and I have had quite a lot), I would certainly suggest you give it a try if you have a special occasion coming up (Fridays count as a special occasion....right?!).

Here is the link to the recipe - ENJOY :)

We've all done it, if you've had a long week or are just feeling tired it is so tempting not too cook from scratch and reach for the takeaway menu, or grab some quick convenience food instead. This is when it's important to remember that there are lots of healthy fast food options. Eggs are one of my favourite, despite the unwarranted bad press eggs have got in the past, they are great source of protein and other essential nutrients and even better they take minutes to cook! They are something that we all usually have in the fridge a lot of the time, so when you are feeling like a quick easy dinner, reach for the eggs, throw them in with anything else in your fridge (I love them with avocado, tomatoes, spring onions, butternut squash, fresh and dried herbs.....the list could go on forever). Just heat some oil in a saucepan, add in your veggies (keep avocado out until after you add your eggs) until they are lightly cooked, then add in your eggs and stir until they start to thicken, throw in the avocado and cook until warm and serve either on it's own or add onto some 100% whole rye bread, gluten free bread or anything you like.